Who We Are

Richard Sachs –

Ballers atmo

Getting together with Josh, and David, and Jon, and Zanc, and Darren, and Craig, and Tom, and Gary, and Wayne, and all the other cabal-istas doesn’t happen enough atmo. We have been riding together for years  Read More….

Josh “Too Tall” Simonds –

A Few Words from the Head Baller in Charge

I’m Josh. You might know me as Too Tall or “that tall guy who rides his bike a lot”. Ballers Ride is important, and it’s important you know why it exists. So sit back, crack a (insert brain stem suppressing toxin of choice) and hear me out.  After you have read this consider things in your life that had no value until you put some skin into the game. Read More….

Matt “ElvisMerckx” Shields –

Baller Forever

To my co-workers, I’m the odd one in the office who rides his bike to work.  My relatives wonder about me.  I’ve had close friends ask me what I’ve got to prove by still riding and racing bikes in my forties [In other words, why aren’t I bloated and full of blood pressure meds like them?]  Read More….