NFS Chainlube: Benefits Framebuilders

November 20th, 2012

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Here is the backstory…sorta. I think it was before my last transcontinental I was hanging at Haldeman’s house and he was bitching about the fact that he can not find a chain lube that will last one entire 600K in the rain. He said that without blinking as if it was something that should be easy to accomplish. Since both of us are seasoned long riders it was not exactly unreasonable at least in my mind to have that expectation…but it was nuts. We all struggled with the simple fact there was nothing that would even remotely do this.

None the less, to that date Lon had tried every lube on the market as well as trying all the kooky combos people suggested to no avail. That conversation stayed with me and every year at some point I throw up my hands over the fact that I can only get one week’s worth of use from the best chainlubes and even my favorite chainlubes need a refresh way to frequently. This is even more frustrating when you begin to accept the fact that your chains are wearing out way faster if you don’t over apply the lube or re-apply frequently.

I’ve tested lubes for all the players you can name…some of them I tested before they got traction and became very popular. I’m a good tester because I lay down big miles and never stop riding because of bad weather and I’m not biased, if glove fits you must commit.

Trust me, some of these whizbang lubes actually ruined my chains.

Fast forward today. Myself and some of the Cabal are really keen to make Ballers Ride a continued success. If you have followed that story you’ll know that Ballers Ride is a event where framebuilders gather, RIDE their bikes, talk about the trade and never stand behind a table. From the start I had the bright idea that we could somehow lower the cost for their attendance.

Combine Ballers Ride goals with NFS profits and maybe, just maybe we’ve got a product who’s sales will raise the funds I need to pay for all the effbuilders to attend each year.

The “rest of the story” is that I worked at a western coal mine for two years and gained extensive experience using industrial lubes. When I finally decided to market a lube it was pretty easy to narrow in on what would work. After several failures and 6 months using the final product I’m really REALLY happy. NFS stays where you put it and runs and runs and runs. After you get the product applied all you have to do is keep the sideplates wiped clean and you’ll be a happy

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  1. Too Tall says:

    From T.K. in PA 11/2012
    Astounding, but at the same time, no real surprise. OK, I doubt that there is anything about the stuff that you don’t know, but it sure as hell works … better than advertised. NFS is kind of odd stuff. You use VERY little and it seems to somehow make more of itself as you ride. It feels a bit like a heavy motor oil, but dirt doesn’t seem to stick to it like it would to oil. Odd. Once you apply it and let it work around a bit, you just wipe it off and keep wiping it off after every ride. Eventually you will need to apply a tiny bit more, like after three or four hundred miles. Rain doesn’t seem to have much effect on it. And it runs quieter than anything else I’ve ever used. Like I said, odd.
    OK, since it keeps making more of itself, how do you expect to make any money with it?

  2. Too Tall says:

    M.S. – Florida 11/2012
    Update: Pxxxxxx has been washed off and NFS applied. 10 drops, side plates wiped vigorously, ran the chain through the gears. The bike went from noisy to quiet right quick. Also, less mess and no smell. All that’s left to do is see how much faster I am on tomorrow’s ride.

  3. Too Tall says:

    Brandon – Florida 11/2012
    Today was my first ride w/ NFS. I thought I left my chain at home. All I could hear while riding was the crackle of sand and rocks under my tires and the wind in my ears. Stuff is good.

  4. Too Tall says:

    Brandon – Florida 11/2012
    The only chain noise I heard was a guy who leeched not using NFS. I went to wipe the side plates as instructed and it really wasn’t even dirty after 50/60 miles here too.

  5. Too Tall says:

    Jamaris – Some Internet Guy 11/2012

    I’ll do my best here. I have tried a lot of lubes–at least 15, always looking for the best stuff that will last the longest and feel the fastest. While I liked xxxxx it always felt to heavy and thick to me. As in if you didn’t really really really wipe it off, it would collect like no other. It’s just stinking thick. It did seem to last along time, but I never liked the chunkiness/thickness that it had. Additionally, xxxxx didn’t really clean the xxxxx as well as I would have liked, that is another (silly) complaint.

    I moved to Rock and Roll because it was light and cleaned the Chain well and seemed to be a good compromise to xxxxxx. I didn’t get quite as many days as xxxxxx, but I also had a cleaner Chain that seemed to run smoother/faster. I was pretty much set on using that for the rest of my life–I bought a box of 12.

    And being a Chainlube sucker, I decided to give TT’s a try simply because he’s a smart guy and so are others on the forum who had stated it was good stuff. I’ve only had it for a week or so, but did get my most high mileage week in months this past week.

    The NFS stuff goes on heavy and you think, ugh this is going to make a mess. And “10 drops, yeah right, you are kidding me.” So I put on 10 drops and I started wiping it down to humor myself.

    Well it easily, easily covered the entire Chain. I wiped it down and went for a ride. Then wiped the side plates and went for another ride. And it kept the Chain clean like RR but wasn’t uber thick like XxxxxxL.

    As TK mentioned earlier, it almost seems as if it multiplies while you are sleeping or maybe TT is coming to everyone’s house in the middle of the night like Santa and re-applying it for us.

    The final difference is the Chain just feels smooth. I mean really smooth. I should probably pick a different word it’s so smooth. It is so quiet as people have said that’s almost eerie, but it’s a good eerie that you get used to and appreciate. And finally, smooth feels fast. That’s always a good thing.

    It’s better than I thought it could be. Clean, feels smooth/fast, and seems to last forever. If you try it, you won’t use anything else again. Unless TT comes out with something better, in which case I will buy that too.

    I get way too excited about good Chain lubes, and I think I may sound like a telemarketer or something so I’m done. Apologies.

  6. Too Tall says:

    Erik B. Alaska 12/12
    I’ve completed my intial cold weather testing.
    This stuff is still flowing/liquid in the container at -35, which is more than I can say for myself.

  7. Too Tall says:

    Turkish Ourense, Spain 12/12
    I love this shit!
    Works really well. Cleaned and degreased the chain, applied ten drops, wiped excess and I got a noiseless chain for more than 100 km. Cleaned sideplates, 5 drops and the chain was lubed during two rides on wet and muddy trails under the rain. I’m not going to say that the chain jumps are smoother, but it seems.

  8. Too Tall says:

    Anomaly (internet mystery man) 12/12
    NFS is the mother fuckin truth. Order a bottle, or bottles, today. Really, I ride rain or shine on my mtb and it still keeps the chain clean. I am stunned.

  9. Too Tall says:

    Tom Kellogg 11/12

    Somewhat longer term report:

    I’m not going to bother reporting after this because I am done with all the others. No other chain lube has done what this one just did. After the initial application on a not very clean chain, I put in 120 mostly dry miles (except for ten misty wet miles) and wiped the chain down after a couple of the rides. Then yesterday, a bunch of us went on the last “Dave” ride. Dave is known around here for loving dirt roads. He is moving his family out to Colorado on Friday, so about twenty of us got together and Dave led us on a “Dave” ride. Only a bit over forty miles, but almost half was on dirt roads … but with the weather, cold, mist and rain, all the dirt roads were mud. It was a blast but we were all kind of bummed out thinking that we were losing Dave, at least until he wises up and comes back “home.” Anyway, I took a few photos posted below during the ride and of my bike after the ride. So after 160 plus miles, much of it in stupid conditions, the NFS was still working. Not as nice as it had been after 100, but it still worked. It stayed in there and when I wiped down the chain after the ride, it cleaned up pretty well. I applied two, yes two drops this morning before heading over to Church for bell practice and then the Derby. Colder and pretty solid rain. My hands got so numb I turned around early. So only a bit over twenty miles in the rain but the NFS was just fine. Wiped down the chain and even after today’s rain, I’m not going to bother with any more NFS until I need to. Who knows when that will be.

    There is no better. Period.

  10. Too Tall says:

    Will H.

    I’ve had NFS 2.0 for a week now. I put it on both bikes (rain & race) am really impressed with how it’s working so far. 400k this past week in all conditions.

    Haven’t bothered to clean (soap) the chains yet, but have just wiped and wiped some more. Really nice how the lube doesn’t pick up much gunk, and what it does, it brings to the outside of the rollers (how do it work??) for easy removal w/ rag. Chain just gets cleaner and cleaner w/ more wiping and riding.

    Haven’t bumped up against loss of effectiveness yet with no more than a couple rides or 100mi between refresh (initial application of 10 drops to get things going and have been using 5 or 6 since), but will have test longer intervals soon–I’ll have to unlearn my obsessive 1 ride, 1 lube reflex.

    I usually don’t have much of an opinion when it comes to small consumables like this, but this is quite good.

    Dead silent, lasts at least as long as any ride, cleans whatever it touches
    I’m a believer.

  11. Too Tall says:

    From Shoogs 4/13
    Mohican 100 Mile MTB race. Started as a mud fest (with some doing full on bike washing at aid station 2), ended in a dust bowl. I was aked at aid station 3 if I needed lube, mech looked down and said ‘wow, best looking chain I’ve seen all day!’ Nary a peep from the chain all day, bike so quiet I realized I need a new BB.

    Pic is prior to side plate wiping.

  12. Too Tall says:

    WStevens 4/13
    LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this stuff.
    haven’t used my chain cleaner since switching 9 months ago (one new chain swap since).
    just follow the instructions, ride, wipe, repeat, reapply, wipe, ride, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.
    (and measure the chin once a month)
    I’m obsessive about a quiet bike, and this stuff is fantastic.

  13. Too Tall says:

    JML54 4/13
    Here’s a report from retro-world (Campy NR/SR and a Regina America SL).

    NFS is great. Makes my chain feel and sound like it’s belt-drive. Quiet, smooth-running, and clean.

  14. Too Tall says:

    Crashburn 3/13

    After three hours riding in Texas silt and before wiping the side plates.

  15. Tzuliang Loh says:

    Alright guys, how can I get some of this uber stuff in sunny Singapore!?

    Can I help you get a dealership started here? :P

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  17. David Nickson says:

    Is this stuff available in Australia?

  18. […] nothing has changed regarding its formulation, price or availability, though enthusiasm for it has probably grown. NFS remains a high-performance wet lube that only needs to be used lightly to serve hundreds of […]

  19. Jim Catlette says:

    Where can I purchase locally, I live in Orlando, Florida

    • Too Tall says:

      Jim, thanks for the attention. We do not have any Florida re-sellers as yet. If you have a favorite shop where you’d like to see it stocked please give them a heads up and I’ll abide. -J

  20. midden says:

    Any way you can post a list of retailers in other states? I live in the Twin Cities and would like to buy a bottle.

  21. Mike Paim says:

    This is the best lube I’ve ever used. Period.

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